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Tilly Latimer (Til Thrillster) is a scientist living in the UK. She plays derby for the Bristol Harbour Harlots A team having been introduced to the sport by none other than the mother of Texecutioner Molotov M Pale, whom she met whilst briefly living in the USA. When she's not playing derby, Tils likes to get annoyed by bad science on the internet, and spends her remaining time and money on her horse. She co-owns and runs a sports magazine website for eventing (www.e-venting.co.uk) alongside her ecological consultancy business. Her husband is often called into action as chief skate fixer and lorry repair man, and he would complain he never sees her except that she tends to say things like 'you should buy another mountain bike' and 'how about some new rock shoes?' whenever he feels neglected. (This is totally the way to achieve marital harmony).

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To Ice or Not To Ice?

April 16th, 2014 | by Tils

Tilly Latimer takes a critical look at some articles doing the rounds suggesting you should stop icing your derby injuries.

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