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Published on December 3rd, 2014 | by Hale Yeah


Hale Yeah

Top Ten Tips for Attending the B&T Roller Derby World Cup

10. Plan ahead. Circle in your program what games you want to see, otherwise you could get swept up in the action on one track and kick yourself later on. “I can’t believe I missed Team ____!”

9. Don’t be bashful (part 1): Everyone there is attending for derby love. Be open to it.

8. Don’t be bashful (part 2): Get to know the chants and cheers of different countries. There’s nothing like learning a new song to cheer on a team.

7. Hydrate. Whether you’re skating or not. (Cause let’s face it – you can’t just prepare for the afterparties an hour before. Train for it!)

6. Budget. Decide how much merch you can buy BEFORE you leave for Texas, not while at the venue where you will want to “buy all the things.”

5. Buy early. All merch is limited, and who knows how many t-shirts Team ____ will have. If you decided on what merch you would buy before going to Texas, you can get it all on the first day, and then have no worries about missing out later on.

4. If you want to get autographs from or photos with your favorite skaters, please do so respectfully (also, figure out what you want to have signed before you finish packing!)

3. Texas can throw a lot of different temperatures at you in a single day – make sure you bring some layers so that when you come out of the venue, you aren’t shivering all the way back to the hotel!

2. Prepare in advance for the craziest after party imaginable. Perhaps have a doctor on call if you have a weak heart, liver, skeletal system, etc.

1. Be open to other cultures. With people from all over the globe coming in, people may move at different speeds or act differently. Embrace it, have patience with everyone, and have an open heart to this amazing experience.

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    11) Don’t forget your vuvuzela.

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