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Hauss the Boss by Mark Nockleby

Spinning Around: Hauss The Boss

One of the highlights of the year was when the Texecutioners and Gotham played each other for derby glory at the 2013 WFTDA Championships. Both teams came ready to show each other a thing or two and we were more than ready to watch them face off. After an intense bout of lead changes, jammer penalties and ferocious teamwork on each side, Gotham won, but the Texecutioners had shown they could be toppled. Hauss the Boss was a big part of the Texecutioner offense and after interviewing her, it’s clear that her eyes are still focused squarely on the Hydra.

DL: How did you get ready to play Gotham?
HB: I wish I could say more but I didn’t have much time for footage or extra training this year. I am fully confident in my skills. So the only thing I did is just eat right (no more cookies) and prepared myself mentally for the pressure of the game to come.

DL: We’ve all played bouts that were as fun as they were competitive; was the bout against Gotham actually fun to play or was it more about intensity and strategy?
HB: It was a great game to have played. I love the pressure of knowing that each point is just as important as the last. In close games like the Gotham game it makes me play up to my highest level of derby. We did have a little bit of strategy but I do not believe in keeping the same strategy the whole game. You never know what is going to happen so always be ready for things to change.

Hauss the Boss by Mark Nockleby

Hauss jamming at the 2013 WFTDA Championships. Photo: Mark Nockleby

DL: What goes through your mind when you’re jamming and you’re about to go through the pack?
HB: I step up to the line, stand straight up with a little bend in my knees and looking past the pack in front of me, and then just listen. My path is not decided until I’m in it. It is instinct. How do the blockers know where I am going? I didn’t even know.

DL: How did all your spinning start?
HB: The first time I remember spinning was a bout with my home team the Hotrod Honeys playing Australia’s Victorian Roller Derby team. I was thinking “Wow what just happened? Don’t know but it was awesome!” It just happened naturally. After we came back from the trip in Australia it became one of my signature moves at my home team games.

DL: What’s it like to be the object of quite a few “derby crushes”?
HB: It makes me happy and is very flattering to know I am someone’s “derby crush”. They make it so exciting to play derby. They are the fuel to my fire!

DL: Is it weird to know that people out there idolize you?
HB: Not at all, I am always happy to help people with training and advice. You can come up to me and ask me any of my derby secrets. I will tell you all of them but every skater is different and you have to find your own skating style.

DL: What are you looking forward to in 2014?
HB: Bringing home The Hydra.

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