2014 Advertising Rates and Sponsorships

Derby News Network and Derbylife give skaters what they want most, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

DNN and Derbylife reach skaters in every country, on every continent and of every skill level every single day. We are the only place where you can reach them within hours of finalising your pitch, starting your sale or launching your product.

We are the #1 place online for roller derby: run by the community, for the community. Listings, advice, guides, reviews, recaps, previews: we do it like no-one else.

No lead times. No waiting for tournaments. No nonsense. Just your ad, in front of the people who want your product, right now.

Annual Sponsorships give you a large guaranteed base of ads to use across the year — and permanent placement on the homepage that isn’t limited by impressions. As we grow aided by your support, you will get more impressions without needing to pay an extra dollar for them.

As an added bonus for 2014, Annual Sponsors will also get a free campaign (equivalent to 10% of the internal impressions of the main sponsorship) on whichever site their primary sponsorship isn’t running on.

You can find information on our basic rates and packages below: if you want to discuss your business’ needs in detail, our discounts for combinations of packages and full prepayment, or the option to pay for some of your campaign in trade, please get in touch via advertising@derbynewsnetwork.com.

Annual sponsorships run from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015. Any open spots booked before April 1 get the time between first payment and April 1 free.

Derbylife Factfile

47% of Derbylife readers are skaters in the first two years of their career, and 71% come for inspiration or information on how to get better.

Having grown from scratch into a million-view site in a little over two years, Derbylife continues to grow and engage new skaters. With as many as 15,000 viewers consuming tens of thousands of pages of derby content in any given week, Derbylife is going from strength to strength.

Annual Sponsorships | Open Rates

DNN Factfile

In 2013, the DNN Home Page was viewed half a million times. We had 237,000 unique users in that time, and they viewed almost 2 million pages of derby content. We have almost 50,000 followers and fans across social media channels.

84% of DNN readers are skaters or officials.

Every dollar you spend with DNN stays in the sport. Our advertising covers our running costs and development.

Annual Sponsorships | Open Rates

Annual Sponsorships

Annual Sponsors keep DNN alive.

You are the life blood of independent derby media, and your ads will be seen by every single skater who is looking to improve themselves and their league in 2014 by keeping an eye on what’s going in the rest of the derbyverse.

Annual sponsors also get exclusive access to DNN’s largest ad units: the listings page 300×600 and the 728×90 banner, and 50% off all open-rate advertising across both DNN and Derbylife.

Lead Jammer

The Big One. This gives you the biggest ad on the DNN homepage all to yourself, and 300,000 impressions of DNN’s banner and half-page ads.

Plus you get one monthly social post from DNN on Facebook & Twitter pointing your page out to our fans, thanking you for your support or pointing to any promotions, offers or other content you wish to promote.


Grand Slam

You get the second-biggest spot on the DNN home-page, and 300,000 additional impressions of DNN’s banner and half-page ads.

Plus you get one monthly social post from DNN on Facebook & Twitter.


Team Player

A permanent 150×125 ad on the DNN home page, 50% off open rates for any bulk ad packages you buy all year long, and $5cpm banners/half pages on DNN.

You also get a social post with every bulk buy.


Annual Sponsorships

Derbylife is the best and best-looking derby training, humor and lifestyle site on the web.

It is the only one-stop-shop for skaters all over the world looking for information on gear, tactics, recovery from injury and how to run their leagues.

With content on everything from derby drama to wheel durometers, picking your first set of gear to getting that extra bit of performance you need at the top level and some of the best writers in derby, Derbylife is unlike anything else out there.

Apex Jump

100% of the site-wide 468×60 banner for branding on every single Derbylife page, and 300,000 mixed impressions across the site for messaging.

Combine with Lead Jammer for a truly indomitable package.


Lead Jammer

100% of Derbylife’s 300×600 frontpage ad: above the fold, this is the most prominent messaging space on the network.

200,000 internal impressions in the 300×250 slot and 300×600 slot.


Grand Slam

You get 50% of the impressions of Derbylife’s homepage 300×250 ad, plus a total of 150,000 internal impressions across both Derbylife’s advertising units.



2014 Open Rates


IAB Medium Rectangles (300×250) are run-of-network (so your ads will run on both DNN and Derbylife), priced at $7.50cpm with a minimum buy of 10,000 at $75.

Buy more than 100,000 impressions at once, and that drops to $6.00cpm and you can specify the site split you want.

The larger 300×600 and 728×90 ads (IAB Half Page and Leaderboard respectively) are priced at $10.00cpm. This drops to $8.00cpm for more than 100,000 impressions. The minimum buy for these is 20,000 at $200.

Discounts are available for custom packages to suit your needs — please get in touch via advertising@derbynewsnetwork.com.

We will also target your ads by region, continent or country for no extra cost.

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