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Published on October 9th, 2013 | by Betty Schnockered


Photo: LT Photography

This Is What a Derby Feminist Looks Like

After we have neglected this excellent section for far too long, Betty Schnockered has stepped up to run it for us. If you have tips or thoughts or cheers of support, feel free to email her at

My mom is a proud “tree-hugging, hairy-legged women’s libber” (her words) who raised me with the definition of Feminism as women having the right to be treated the same as men.  When I was a kid, we only had two channels, and one of them was CBS, so my idea of what a Feminist looked like was Murphy Brown.  If we had had more channels, Dorothy Zbornak, Clair Huxtable and Roseanne Connor would have also informed my ideas, but all CBS had was Murphy Brown.  So in my head, Feminists wore solid color power suits with shoulder pads, knew their way around a can of hair spray and never met a high collar they didn’t love.  If they felt like it, they dressed up, if they didn’t, they rolled into work late, wore dark shades and blamed traffic (still my basic work wear philosophy) but I digress….

In “The F Word” section we’ll talk more about this stuff, but in the meantime how about something fun to get the discussion rolling?

Here’s a tumblr set up to combat that notion that all Feminists look the same.  It was started by a woman whose picture was turned into a fat-shaming anti-Feminist meme.  If you get a chance, why not add your picture?  Murphy was my young idea of a Feminist, but what did I know? Contrary to hacky internet memes, there really is not set way for a Feminist to look.  Anyone who thinks men and women are equal fits the bill.

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  • Rebekah Havrilla

    One thing I have learned is that just because something is woman focused does not mean it’s feminist.

    • Erin Cox

      True story.

  • Erin Cox

    For the record I sent my picture in (not this cranky cat) so it’s probably on there somewhere but there are so many pics on there that I’ve scrolled for a while and still not found myself.
    -Betty Schnockered

  • Briana Walsh

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about modern feminism and what a feminist looks like and i think men as much as women need to be seen as feminists. Take Patrick Stewart for example and his emblematic tshirt “This is what a feminist looks like” Men as well as women need to be seen as feminists for the movement to succeed.

  • Bob Ueckerlele

    My favorite comment in a DNN chatroom so far: “Of course I know what feminism means, I’ve been a woman for over 30 years.”


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