Jr. Writing Contest Photo: Christi Morris

Published on September 9th, 2013 | by Guest Contributor


Photo: Christi Morris

The Positions of Roller Derby

By Olivia Morris

There’s positions every derby girl must know to not die in practice or a bout. This is what they remind me of! An example is derby stance = twerk stance. It reminded us of someone about to twerk on skates so being me I had to mention that!!! Another example is plow stop. To me it looked like someone using a port-a-potty or gas station restroom; you know the I-don’t-know-who-used-this-before-me-ewwwwwwww-this-is-gross where your butt doesn’t touch the seat completely squat.  Turn around toe stops are my favorite because it reminds me of a ballerina doing a spinny thingy! (Btw you can spin on your toe stop!!!)

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