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Photo: Wyatt Wood

My Skating Career

By tSAMnami

Looking back at the first time I strapped on my pink plastic barbie skates at the age of three, I realise just how much I’ve grown as a skater and as a person. When I was about seven years old my mom (Carmen die-oxide) joined derby. Night after night, I lived at that rink as my mom practiced. Night after night, I watched enviously. Night after night, I thought one day, I’m going to do that.

A couple years later my mom switched to a new team and with that they let me skate thus began my training. Finally one fine January day in 2009, my life changed. Betty ford galaxy was one of my aunts friends and told me about tryouts. And I made it! I started out on Orange Crush, where i began to understand the basics and values of team. My next stop was the Poison Skid’les. There I learned strategies and what true competition was. Next I joined the Mighty Rollers. We lost most games to the Toxic Avenge-Hers, though not for lack of trying. I played for the first time against I-5 and learned a lot. I got MVP for the first time. And then finally I tried out for Galaxy Girls that August.

As darkness fell over the bustling Seattle, coach Dev announced the 2012-2013 Galaxy Girls. The world come to an everlasting silence and stillness. It all came to a start again as she called out “tSAMnami!” I know that she called out more names because the of all the people enbracing me tight. But to tell you the truth I don’t remember much. I couldn’t see because of the tears. I couldn’t hear because of the screams and cheers. It was a classic movie moment.

That night was when it all truly started. I got the biggest honor of all by becoming a primary jammer and by being awarded two MVPs. Over the season we played 5 games, going  4-1. We came in 3rd in WWS (Wild West Showdown) and 2nd in Championships. I came out with a torn labrum. Days later my dad took me to Group Health and found out about my injury. They said that I had a years worth of physical therapy. And so twice a day I do my PT.

I want to continue derby because of how much confidence it’s helped me gain and how much its helped me develop my personality. I strive to get better soon and play in September. I found out how much derby really meant to me over the past two months now and couldn’t imagine not going back. I thank my family and friends and coaches for the support you’ve shown me!

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