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Published on September 6th, 2013 | by Guest Contributor


Photo: Down 'N' Out Photography

From “No Mommy!” to “Please Mommy!”

By BabyBetty, Jersey Junior Roller Derby

Six years ago I was at a girls scouts event at the local roller rink. My family came across a poster for “Roller Derby.” My mom wanted to join but my little sister, Morgan, who was 5 at the time, and I, who was 8, were saying stuff like “no Mommy, you’re too old,” and “no Mommy, you’ll get hurt.” We agreed to check out the upcoming bout before we made any decisions.

Once the first whistle blew I fell in love, honestly I had no clue what I going on but I knew that I loved it! After watching that bout, Morgan and I agreed to allow my mom to play. After my mom picked out her derby name, Nikki Sixx Ft. Under, Morgan and I decided we wanted to have our own derby names, I picked BabyBetty because my favorite skater is BlackEye Betty, and Morgan picked HotRod Hunny because her favorite skaters are Suzy Hotrod and Hotrod Hussy.

About a year or two later I found out about junior derby. For three years I begged my mom to start a junior league. My friend Ana, Banana Split, and I made up team names, logos, uniforms, everything! We wanted a junior league so badly! Last July, my mom finally started a junior league. Hunny, Banana, and I all skate now!

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  • Nancy Phander

    Go Baby Betty!!

  • Jason Baker

    Amazing girls both of them! Keep rocking at life.

  • Ivona Choker

    Way to take charge and become the one of the founders of your junior league! That is truely amazing!

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