Jr. Writing Contest Miss Bhavin, Photo: Aimee Tebo

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Miss Bhavin, Photo: Aimee Tebo

How Miss Bhavin Was Born

By Jess Scott
So every kid needs “a thing” right? For most it is softball, basketball, karate or dance. But for some kids those sports just don’t cut it. Sure you may try them out and play a season but you never get that “passion”. Three years ago I was one of those kids, I showed up to every softball practice and game but I never loved it. Every kid needs a sport, something to do, a team, a place to belong.

It all started one Friday night my parents went out and my older brother brought me to the skating rink. I absolutely loved skating but hardly ever got to go. But, it soon became every Friday night that I could bribe my brother into bringing me. I didn’t wear quads at first, I used roller blades, and I was a good skater. I had been skating since I was 3.

After a few months the owner of the skating rink noticed me and pulled me to the side. She told me about a Jr. roller derby team that was starting up. I went home and watched every you tube video I could find. I loved the idea of playing derby but I was nervous about the quad skates, and hated the idea of pads. But I figured what the heck, I would try it. So that next Friday I tried the quad skate, and I am not going to lie it was an epic fail! I swear I probably fell forty times that night. But, eventually I got the hang of it and continued to practice until it no longer felt awkward and I didn’t land flat on my face.

Now I was ready to go forward, I got the phone number of the coach from the skating rink. Next I had to explain Roller Derby to my parents then I told them we had to call Sugar Smacks so I could attend practice. My Mom thought it was cool, and she already knew some of the women on the adult team.

This is when MissBhavin was born. First practice was a little shaky I had beginner everything cheap skates, terrible pads, and of course a bike helmet. I’m pretty sure most derby girls start this way, sure makes me appreciate my blackouts and awesome pads today. I remember when we were learning falls thinking “I got this” only to learn that if I had known of these falls the past week it would have been so much easier. Every practice day I was excited, and I would practice on my own on the weekends, I got used to being the only kid in knee pads at the skating rink. I had already learned my lesson about not wearing knee pads when you skate after you get used to the knee falls. I was falling love with derby the more I learned the more I pushed to learn the next step.

My team learned pretty fast, we had the basics down and ready to bout in a few months. Bout day was exciting, we had a news crew show up to do an interview, the adult team came to watch and we all had family and friends attend. It was just a mix scrimmage, but for us it was a bout and we were proud. In one year we were at full contact and learning strategy and learning to read the packs. We play WFTDA rule set and learned a little bit of USARS, we could play both. Adult teams in the area started inviting us to play at half time for their bouts. I was meeting skaters that I watched from the stands as a fan and they knew who I was!

Right now my team is on a break for a while, not sure for how long. We were the only Jr team in the area so I am currently practicing with an adult team and I absolutely love it. I have learned a lot from them and cannot wait until I am old enough to become an official lethal lady! My Mom skates for this adult team. Yes, I got my Mom into Derby after my first year. Derby is now something we do together. Some girls get mani’s and pedi’s with their Mom, I get to block and hit with mine. Her team has adopted me since my Jr team is not active and I love them for it!

I have a huge passion for this sport. I eat breath, sleep and dream derby. I can’t go very long without skating or my whole mood changes! I have found a sport that fits me. I have made friends on most of the local adult teams who have given me advice and support. This sport has given me more than I could have ever imagined that first day I put those quads on.

MissBhavin was born three years ago, it is cool to see where I am today in Derby, I hope to be on a competing team in the future. Come on 18! I joke all the time that I want a fake ID, not to go out to bars but to skate, just skate no after party just be able to bout with and against the many ladies I love and admire in this amazing sport.

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