Jr. Writing Contest Meggie Cuts and Bruises, Photo: Terri Dukes

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Meggie Cuts and Bruises, Photo: Terri Dukes

Far North Derby Girl

By Meggie Cuts and Bruises
My Derby name is Meggie Cuts and Bruises. I skate with the Midnight Sun Junior Roller Girls of North Pole, Alaska and the North Pole Babes in Toyland. I’ve been skating for two years now and one year with a team. Skating is my life now it’s one of the only thinks that make me happy and comfortable around people. I feel like I can let go and have fun with people. I skate with my sister who is 20 on the North Pole Babes in Toyland and she is my coach on “MSJRG”. My goal is to become a great skater like Suzy Hot Rod, Ice storm, and Santa Sweet Enforcer who are both on the North Pole Babes. Right now I don’t find myself a very good skater but I know if I work hard then I can became a great skater. For my whole life I have struggled with my weight being over a hundred pounds over weight for my age I had problems with being insecure and also skating through a whole practice let alone a full game. I started the HCG diet and it helped me lose twenty pounds so far and I feel so much better. I can skate through a whole practice and even be the Jammer!

Time to tell more about what my “Outside of Derby life” is like. I have four siblings one who I have talked about I have two brother and one more sister who also skates on my Junior team. I’m home schooled and a gamer/geek kind of girl. I love comics, video games, books, Disney movies, vintage dresses, music, drawing, and baking lots of baking! I hope that one day soon I can do something great in the Derby world. I don’t know what yet but I hope it happens soon.

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