Jr. Writing Contest Lil' Vegas, Photo: Bold City Photography

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Lil' Vegas, Photo: Bold City Photography

Apex Jumps

By Kristen Bathrick a.k.a. Lil’ Vegas #111, Florida Junior RollerGirls, Daytona Beach, Florida

It was early this season when I first learned to jump on my skates. I am one of the best jammers on my team so I thought it would be a good skill to learn! I practiced jumping on and off skates every day so I could get better! I got really good at jumping so I decided it was time to try jumping it. I went to the open skate that night and I got fully geared up. I went out on the floor, skated a few laps, and built up my speed. I looked at the apex and jumped, but I didn’t land it. I fell on my butt. I kept trying and falling, but I went one last time at the end of open skate and I jumped. I jumped and I landed it! On all eight wheels, in bounds, and kept skating! I was so proud of myself so I smiled and laughed a little. I realized, I just jumped the apex, for the first time ever! That week at practice I showed my coach my new skill and he was so proud! He couldn’t believe one of his skaters knew how to jump the apex! He let me run an apex jumping drill at the end of practice and I tried to teach some of the other skaters how to jump it. Nobody learned right away, but they all kept trying! I was so proud that all of the girls and boys on the team wouldn’t give up just because they landed on their butts! Now all of the jammers on FJRG know how to jump the apex and we all jump it multiple times every game!

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