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Published on July 8th, 2013 | by Hale Yeah


Hale Yeah

Top Ten Reasons Why the WFTDA Rankings Have Not Been Released Yet

10. Lets just say the East Coast Derby Extravaganza’s pool has a new computer.

9. They mistakenly brought it outside this week, and the paper melted.

8. WFTDA’s bag and a certain Scottish team’s looked a heck of a lot alike at the airport… and WFTDA went home with nothing but Auld Reekie Roller Girls tees and hats. (And who is going to complain about that?!?)

7. Debuting at the #1 slot? The Atlantis Rollers… so they’re guessing they got hacked and will have to look things over again.

6. The Rankings played Gotham Girls Roller Derby. Gotham beat them 341-22.

5. Invitations have been sent out, but teams are holding out for news of an open bar.

4. WFTDA has been instructed by their doctor to take it real easy for the next couple of weeks after enduring that Windy City / Philly bout, and we think it’s for the best.

3. Gremlins.

2. Well, lets just say we now know why they always said, “Don’t play with fireworks around the rankings.” [BOOM!]

1. The group of incredibly hard-working people at WFTDA along with all of those amazing teams up for playoffs just need a bit more time.

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