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Published on June 19th, 2013 | by Hale Yeah


World Cup 2011 Retrospective: Talking with Raw Heidi, Team England

The site of the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup has been named: Dallas, Texas, USA. It is over the next few weeks and months that skaters, coaches, and referees will begin thinking (and trying out) to be a part of this incredible tournament.

To help give everyone a better idea of what this international event is like, we asked World Cup 2011 coaches and skaters to recount their experiences of the inaugural World Cup and extend some advice to those thinking about participating in next year’s effort.

Hale Yeah talked to Raw Heidi of Team England.

DL: When you were chosen to be on Team England for 2011, what was your reaction? How did you find out? Who was the first person you told?
I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest when I was opening the email. I felt relieved and then totally elated. I think I texted my girlfriend and Grievous Bodily Charm at the same time and then called my Mum.

DL: What was the most difficult part of your trip to Toronto? Is there anything you would have done differently if you had to do it again?
The most difficult part was losing to Canada for me. I’m not a bad loser, they outplayed us on the day. I just HATE losing and I really, really wanted to play USA.

DL: What was your favorite moment while on-skates at the World Cup? What was your favorite moment when not on-skates?
My favourite not on skates moment was asking my Mum to ask at hotel reception if they’d found my bra the morning after the afterparty. They hadn’t…

DL: When you returned home, what was your biggest “rock star” moment after you had represented your country at the World Cup?
Actually my biggest ‘rock star’ moment was when I got in the plane to fly to Canada and some UK Rollergirls were behind me. They actually screamed when I took my jacket off to reveal my Team England hoodie. It was insane. My girlfriend didn’t know whether to be horrified or cack herself laughing.

DL: What are the two best pieces of advice you would give to skaters going out for next year’s World Cup?
I would say work on your strength and your offence if you want to be a blocker in the next Team England squad. That’s the way the game has to be played at this point.

DL: How was the mood on the Team England compared to your home league? What did you feel your role on the team was?
We were all super honoured and excited to be part of something so huge and international, but we were also from a range of teams in the UK so it was amazing but unusual. It was a great learning experience for all of us I think. (I hope.)

DL: What were your team’s goals and your personal goals for the tournament? How would you expect those goals to change for the next World Cup?
My personal goals were to play clean and offensive. Our team goal was for number 2 spot and on another day we could have achieved that but Canada took the deserved win in the end. I couldn’t possibly say what the new team goal should be but really we should always be aiming for number one!

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