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Published on June 19th, 2013 | by Hale Yeah


Clinically Wasted by Dave Wood

World Cup 2011 Retrospective: Clinically Wasted, Team Scotland

The site of the 2014 Roller Derby World Cup has been named: Dallas, Texas, USA. It is over the next few weeks and months that skaters, coaches, and referees will begin thinking (and trying out) to be a part of this incredible tournament.

To help give everyone a better idea of what this international event is like, we asked World Cup 2011 coaches and skaters to recount their experiences of the inaugural World Cup and extend some advice to those thinking about participating in next year’s effort.

Hale Yeah talked to Clinically Wasted of Team Scotland.

DL: When you were chosen to be on Team Scotland for 2011, what was your reaction? How did you find out? Who was the first person you told?
My first reaction was a mixture of excitement, disbelief and total ‘Hell Yeah!’-ness! I found out from the selection committee in person and had to keep it quiet until the announcement was made on the website-longest night ever! I told my boyfriend straight away then called my parents who were all super happy for me!

DL: What was the most difficult part of your trip to Toronto? Is there anything you would have done differently if you had to do it again?
I guess getting the cash together. I work as an auxiliary in a vet practice so I’m not exactly rolling in it, but I did extra hours where I could and my team mates were amazing and helped hold fundraisers for myself and Cub (also GCRG) to pay for our flights. The other difficulty I had was I badly sprained my ankle 3 weeks before the Cup so I was desperately trying to get it fit for skating! Kinesio Tape is a god send! The only thing I would do differently is spend more time in Honest Eds-3 hours wasn’t enough!

DL: What was your favorite moment while on-skates at the World Cup? What was your favorite moment when not on-skates?
My favourite moment on skates by far was getting through that USA pack. It was the best feeling in the world. Not on skates my favourite moment was watching the England vs. Canada game with a hard lemonade and my teamies!

DL: When you returned home, what was your biggest “rock star” moment after you had represented your country at the World Cup?
When we landed at Aberdeen airport we were greeted by our friends and teammates with flowers and a “Welcome home” sign. It was amazing!

DL: What are the two best pieces of advice you would give to skaters going out for next year’s World Cup?
Enjoy it, you are there for a reason-because you are meant to be there. Network and have fun with others. And get to the food quick. Seriously!

DL: How was the mood on the Team Scotland compared to your home league? What did you feel your role on the team was?
The mood was positive and focused. Crazylegs did an amazing job of keeping us all posi and motivated. Like any home team, I am well connected with my team mates and can read them as we spend so much time together. I think TS could have done with more time to connect prior to the cup-something for next time

DL: What were your team’s goals and your personal goals for the tournament? How would you expect those goals to change for the next World Cup?
The team goals were to win and learn. We wanted to prove that Scottish Roller Derby deserved to be there which I think we proved. My personal goals were to give full effort in every game. I wanted to score points in each game, which I almost did (bar USA) and I wanted to show my full potential. I think this time round Scotland will be far more ambitious with their goals. I definitely think with the quality of skaters Scotland has now we can finish in a better position than we did. I’m working towards Team Scotland standard at the moment and hopefully I’ll make the squad as I have so much more to give this time round!

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