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Published on May 3rd, 2013 | by Hale Yeah


Hale Yeah

Top Ten Accomplishments of The Most Interesting Man in the World If He Played Roller Derby

10. He once jumped the apex …from the jammer line.

9. He once elevator doored a jammer …by himself.

8. His toe stops wear down floors.

7. His helmet is made entirely of stickers.

6. He once called a penalty …on a ref.

5. He once skated a full 2-minute jam …in 50 seconds.

4. He made the Team USA charter …in 1775.

3. He once got lead jammer …in a bout he wasn’t playing in.

2. He once got to a rink on only one wheel …driving in a semi-truck.

1. After a bout, his jersey smells of liquor, vacation, and hope.

Skate derby, my friends

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