Colorado Cup: Photo Highlights

Castle Rock 'N' Rollers (Photo: Noah Bryant Photography)
Grand Junction vs Crossroads (Photo: Noah Bryant Photography)
Crossroads vs Grand Junction (Photo: Noah Bryant Photography)
Skates! (Photo: Noah Bryant Photography)
Boulder County Bombers (Photo: Moneyshot)
Castle Rock 'N' Rollers vs. Boulder County Bombers (Photo: Moneyshot)
Crossroads (Las Cruces, NM) vs, Grand Junction (Photo: Moneyshot)
Boulder County Bombers (Photo: Chris Chase)

Denver Roller Dolls’ Inaugural 2013 Colorado Cup featured WFTDA leagues and WFTDA apprentice leagues from Colorado and one from New Mexico battling it out in a state-of-the-art facility at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, CO. In addition to great bouts at a great venue, the Denver Roller Dolls (DRD) and Rocky Mountain Rollergirls (RMRG) B Teams were also featured in an exhibition bout.

This gallery features photos from Colorado-based photographers Christopher Chase, Noah Bryant, Joel Giltner, Dave Wood, Narelle Crist, and Amanda Renee and highlight some of the state’s fantastic smaller teams.

Chris Chase AKA OverExposher is a Denver-based Portrait & Event photographer. Chris has been taking pictures from the time his parents bought him a Polaroid One Step back in the 80’s. He describes the derby community as a big family; when everyone contributes their time and talents, it really becomes something great. Sharing his artistic vision is just how he contributes. He shoots for the Wrecking Roller Rebels and is the official photographer for the Boulder County Bombers. You can see more of his work at

Noah Bryant AKA Brokeback Pound Em’ has been a photographer for 15 years. His photography has been published worldwide but he is all but retired as a professional photographer now. His derby life began in 2012 when he began refereeing for various leagues in the Denver area. He is currently affiliated with the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls as a referee and is the Head Referee for the South Side Derby Dames. He loves roller derby because it has introduced him to some of the most amazing and supportive people he has every met. Noah is also the Project Lead for the Derby Dates Bout Calendar at

Joel Giltner AKA Shutter Up left his point & shoot, getting a ‘real’ camera and was introduced to roller derby by a childhood friend newly re-acquainted with, after 26 years, who skated with the Denver Roller Dolls and the Mile High Club until mid 2010. Since then, he has been shooting for the Denver Roller Dolls and broadened his derby to many other leagues in the Colorado area such as Detour Derby (originally started by a few retired skaters as a way to keep skating and to help injured skaters recover and work their way back to the track), WRR, HCDD, FoCo, CRR, the now defunct D-Town, SSDD, BCB, and RMRG…to name a few. His photos are here

Dave Wood AKA Dave Wood was recently interviewed here and just recently became a bench coach for Rocky Mountain Roller Girls. But he won’t be hanging up his camera anytime soon. To view more of his photographs, visit his web site.

Narelle Crist with Pixel This Photography specializes in the ‘art’ of photography. Pixel This offers a unique style of natural light photography. Pixel This Photography predominantly features landscape, wildlife and lifestyle photography. Narelle volunteers her artistic talents to the Denver Roller Dolls. While working as a General Manager for a sponsor of the Denver Roller Dolls a couple years ago, she fell in love with Derby again, remembering why she was so drawn into it as a kid. Now, she has her own photography business and has discovered a different perspective of Derby. You can find more of Narelle’s photos at

Amanda Renee AKA Moneyshot of Wicked Shamrock Photography is a Colorado-based sports and special event photographer. She is also the official photographer for Castle Rock ‘N’ Rollers and shoots Rocky Mountain Roller Girls. Her roller derby photography is featured in “The Roller Derby Athlete” and “Flat Track Fashion: The Roller Derby Look Book” both by Ellen Parnavelas. (Disclaimer: Moneyshot is also the new photo editor for You can see more of her work at

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