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Published on March 8th, 2013 | by James Brains


Scream Cheese by Abigail Thomas

Junior Derby at Wild West Showdown: Rose City Rosebuds vs. Emerald City Junior Gems

Saturday afternoon at Wild West Showdown, the Rose City Rosebuds faced off against the Emerald City Junior Gems’ Reservoir Dolls in the second round of the winner’s bracket. The Rosebuds made it to the second round by beating the Kitsap Derby Brats. The Reservoir Dolls advanced after beating the Port Scandalous Roller Punks 244-234.

The Rosebuds and Reservoir Dolls are no strangers. As Oregon’s premier junior derby leagues, they compete against each other multiple times a year with the Rosebuds, winners of the 2012 NW Junior Derby Championships, generally winning. Saturday afternoon proved to be no different with the Rosebuds dominating the second half to win 235-112 in a battle that made me wish they had junior derby when I was a girl.

SpunkeeLittleBunny by Abigail Thomas.jpgJunior Gems’ Spunkee Bruizer delivers a hit to Rosebuds’ jammer Little Bo Weep

The Rosebuds jumped out to a 30-1 lead 6:30 into the bout picking up lead on the first six jams. The Reservoir Dolls chipped away at the lead for the next ten minutes until they were finally able to gain the advantage 59-56 when Doll jammer Beautiful Deadly racked up a 23-4 power jam. Deadly lead the Dolls with 58 points. The Dolls and Rosebuds exchanged the lead a few more times on the next four jams. But, the Rosebuds went into halftime with a solid 98-72 lead thanks to four-straight lead jams to end the half.

The second half was all Rosebuds, who scored the first 42 points of the half holding the Reservoir Dolls scoreless for ten minutes. The Rosebuds outscored the Dolls 137-40 in the second half and picked up lead 18 out of the 22 jams. One of the more notable jams of the second half was a 23-6 power jam by the Rosebuds’Annaphylatic Shock. The Rosebuds advanced in the tournament with a 235-112 win.

The Reservoir Dolls played the Seattle Derby Brats later that night in the loser’s bracket of the double-elimination tournament. Since the bout started after 10pm and the Reservoir Dolls were down to twelve skaters due to injuries, the bout consisted of two fifteen-minute halves. The Derby Brats won soundly bouncing the Reservoir Dolls from the tournament.

The Rosebuds lost to the I-5 Rollergirls Sunday morning leading to a losers bracket matchup against the Seattle Derby Brats at noon. Thanks to a close victory over the Derby Brats. The Rosebuds once again skated against the I-5 Rollergirls in the tournament’s championship bout. And, once again, the I-5 Rollergirls were victorious taking home the trophy.

FeistBeautifulDeadly by Abigail Thomas.jpg
Rosebuds’ blocker Jesus Feist holds back Junior Gems’ jammer Beautiful Deadly while Rosebuds’ Tempest Fugit bridges in the background

Jammer Stats

Rose City Rosebuds
Little Bunny 7 lead – 9 total jams, 0 jams in the box, 63 pts
Scream Cheese 5-8, 1, 38 pts
Tempest Fugit 3-8, 3, 33 pts
Rainbow Dash 4-5, 1, 32 pts
Painbow Fright 4-5, 1, 31 pts
Annaphylatic Shock 4-4, 0, 27 pts
Mackenzie 2-2, 0, 7 pts
Jesus Feist 1-1, 0, 4 pts
Pain Forest 0-1, 0, 0 pts

Emerald City Junior Gems’ Reservoir Dolls
Beautiful Deadly 3-9, 3, 58 pts
Roma Mafia 5-18, 5, 49 pts
Neal Cassady 2-3, 0, 4 pts
Tiny Badness 2-6, 0, 1 pt
Blue Meanie 0-1, 1, 0 pts
Mally Boomer 0-3, 0, 0 pts
Death Wish 0-1, 0, 0 pts
Misfit 0-2, 0, 0 pts

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