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Derbylife Off-Season Workout Playlist

During a roller derby season, you have an entire team to rely on. If you have a bad practice or scrimmage or bout, a teammate is there to help you refocus – to be that voice in your ear that tells you to push harder. In the off-season, so many skaters are on their own in their training and are suddenly without that extra encouragement. While we at Derbylife can’t spend the off-season running, lifting, and cross-training alongside of you, we can at least give you something to
fill your ears and urge you to go further: the Derbylife Off-Season Workout Playlist.

We’ve brought together some of your favorites from the track for their advice on what music gets them moving and achieving their goals. Their eclectic suggestions are not only found below (along with their reason for suggesting the song), but also below you can find a link where you can preview these tracks altogether on iTunes. Best of luck to you in your off-season routine, and may you enter the 2013 season a stronger, faster, and healthier you!

Off Season Playlist

Kamikaze Kitten, London Rollergirls
Song: “Prayer of the Refugee” by Rise Against

Why: …the one song that is brilliant for interval training is Rise Against’s “Prayer of the Refugee’ because the pace changes drastically from a jogging pace to a full on sprint and back again.

Varla Vendetta, Windy City Roller Girls
Song: “I’m Free (Heaven Helps the Man)” by Kenny Loggins

Why: There is something wrong with you if this song doesn’t inspire you: “If there’s anything worth my love it’s worth a fight” Best Lyric…appropriate amount of 80s cheese from the REAL Footloose (not the crappy remake). Everything about it gets me moving. “Nothing I want is out of my reach.”

Hurricane Heather, Steel City Roller Derby
Song: “All I Do is Win” by DJ Khaled

Why: “All I Do is Win” by DJ Khaled. This catchy song gets your blood moving from the start! As the bass starts bumpin’ the lyrics pump your heart with motivational positive feelings of being able to accomplish whatever your big dreams are…”all I do is win!”

Addy Rawl, Queen City Roller Girls
Song: “Titanium (feat. Sia)” by David Guetta & Sia

Why: One of my current favorites is “Titanium” by Sia. It changes from fast to slow so its good for Sprint Intervals and she talks about being made of titanium, so who better than Derby girls?!

Lulu Lockjaw, B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls
Song: “Simple Song” by Avail / “Waiting Room” by Fugazi / “Sluttering”
by Jawbreaker

Why: They are kinda angry raw songs, and I like to work out pissed off, so it helps… Actually anything by Jawbreaker is great to work out too!

Sexy Slaydie, Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Song: “Bounce That” by Girl Talk

Why: “Can’t beat a dozen or so upbeat songs a minute.” Try to blast this and not dance! Go ahead!!

Juke Boxx, Minnesota Roller Girls
Song: Triple Double by Girl Talk

Why: I love this tune because it keeps things mixed up and has a great pace. Girls Talk is a genius when it comes to creative mixing, and it always gets me moving.

Tannibal Lector, Oly Rollers
Song: “Break” by Three Days Grace / “Points of Authority” by Lincoln Park

Why: “Break” has a good beat to it and reminds me to keep on pushing, to work harder to be where i want to be. “Points of Authority” – when they say “the pace is too fast, you just wont last” I think of someone telling me they are going to beat me and are talking shit. So it makes
me push harder to beat them.

I. M. Pain, Charm City Roller Girls YES
Song: “What do you want me to say?” by The Dismemberment Plan

Why: I chose this song partially because this is my favorite band, so they always pump me up, and keep me motivated during a work out. Also, I think the steady beat is a good rhythm to skate to and follow, especially in the off season when I tend to focus more on form and
technique over speed.

B-Train, Angel City Roller Girls
Song: “Die Young” by Ke$ha / “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”
by Taylor Swift

Why: I LOVE BAD POP MUSIC. I SING [“Die Young”] TO WAFFLES AND IT MAKES ME GIGGLE. fin. The explanation [for “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together] – sing the WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! really loud and really high pitched and try not to laugh your ass off. THEN. Go out to dinner with Mad Dog of Iron Doll Clothing and Conan of Radar Wheels at
Easterns then look up to Conan reading the Mac & Cheese menu singing the ooooOOOOOooooo to himself. I DIE.

Jonathan R. the Flying Squirrel, New York Shock Exchange
Song: “Moon in the Water” by Underworld

Why: I recommend “Moon in the Water” by Underworld from the album,
“Barking,” for painful sections of a workout. It hypnotizes me. I zone
out, rise above the pain, embrace the challenge, and crave more.

Little A, Tampa Bay Derby Dolls
Song: “My Body” by Young the Giant

Why: This song I’m giving is definitely my favorite to work out to. I even put it on repeat a few times at the gym I gets my blood pumping and I feel this crazy amount of energy. The song has amazing rhythm!

Switchblade Siouxsie, Atlanta Rollergirls
Song: “Stronger” by Kanye West

Why: I think when I’m running, I almost always like to have Stronger by Kanye West on my playlist. Say what you want about the man, but he’s got some catchy beats along with some inspiring lyrics in that song. Also, anything by Siouxsie and the Banshees. For obvious reasons.

Jade Lightning, Kansas City Roller Warriors
Song:”Imma Be” by Black Eyed Peas / “Hold It Against Me” by Britney Spears

Why: “Imma Be” [has a] great beat to ramp energy up and down to. Plus the lyrics kinda motivate you while you’re pushing. I like to use the song to push myself, thinking “keep going and Imma be better, faster, stronger!”…Brittney Spears’ “Hold it Against Me” has a really good endurance beat to go really fast to then slow for a few, then fast to again. Hahaa. I don’t necessarily like the song, but the beat is good for working out. I have killed many elliptical with that song!

Miss Trial, Head Referee for the New York Shock Exchange (MRDA)
Song: “This Is Radio Clash” by The Clash

Why: I’m gonna go with The Clash, “This Is Radio Clash.” It has a great beat, and it’s The Clash.

Portia Hensley/Frida Beater, Rocky Mountain Roller Girls
Song: “Breaking” by Anberlin

Why: It gets me pumped. (Runner up: “Your Love” by the Outfield.)

Magnum P.I.M.P., St. Louis Gatekeepers
Song: “Get Some” by Chevelle

Why: “Get Some” by Chevelle is my go to work out song. It has continuous momentum and a solid breakdown. Pretty much any song from Chevelle’s last five albums are fuel for a good sweat. I need to listen to angry music while I lift many heavy things at the gym. Chevelle has a great ratio of singing to screaming (70/30) that keeps my energy and aggression levels up. Honorable mentions are “Head Up” by Deftones and “You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire” by Queens of the Stone Age. Both of those songs are made for shutting off your brain and putting your body through some hurt.

Crazy Legs, Queen City Roller Girls
Song: “Don’t Stop the Party” by Pitbull

Why: I choose Pitbull, any song would do it, [but] I like the last one, “Don’t Stop the Party”. I like to keep it fun, especially for endurance, that way you get into the music more than the workout. But definitely a different playlist to get intense, more into the gangster rap. My dark side. lol

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