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Published on December 30th, 2012 | by Hale Yeah


Hale Yeah

Top Ten Things I Learned From the Being a Roller Derby Coach

10. There is no substitution for a clawing, craving hunger to get better. Those who want it will search out every shred and morsel of information, those who don’t will stay as they are.

9. Don’t try to teach a fish to fly. Every skater should be well-rounded. Every skater should be knowledgeable about all positions, but in the limited time you have, you have to find out where people fit best, and where they can be happiest & add the most to the team.

8. Goals and expectations have to be transparent. Unless an entire team knows what they’re responsible for, and what they’re working toward, no true progress can be had.

7. Every drill should be scored. People work harder when they know something is on the line. (Thanks, Buster.)

6. If everyone is talking, no one is listening (or skating).

5. A practice arc for the season should be in place in January, with room for changes as they may arise.

4. Leadership has to start at the top, while there has to be a focus on those at the bottom to keep pushing those above them.

3. Everyone should be a part of the process, but speak with one voice.

2. If you don’t nail the basics, you won’t nail the advanced skills.

1. Teammates should be focused on being the teammate they would want on their team.

(These are just ruminations I have and things I would keep in mind if I were to ever return behind the bench. I am happy with the work I put in, and blessed to have worked with some of the skaters I was fortunate enough to coach.)

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