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Published on October 26th, 2012 | by Hale Yeah


Hale Yeah

Top Ten WFTDA Rejected Ruleset Changes

10. To be fair to blockers, jammers must now start on a knee.

9. All scrum starts must now include a rugby ball. Jammer who breaks through the pack with the ball is lead jammer. (Hakas optional.)

8. Skaters must make “BEEP BEEP BEEP” noises anytime they block while skating backwards as a warning to those behind them.

7. Every bout must include one jam ref with a helmet cam. To improve audience enjoyment, every bout must also include one outside pack ref with a television on top of their helmet. (Flat screen preferred.)

6. White boards must now be officially 2 ft x 3 ft and include the soup of the day and any other specials.

5. Skaters found to not have their mouthguard in, must be forced to look through “The Big Book of Hockey Smiles” while in the penalty box.

4. Passing the jammer panty rules have been amended to “pass the panty on the left hand side.”

3. All blockers must line up at the pivot line – which is being moved back to within 2 feet of the jammer line.

2. WFTDA will now be going with a “No minors” rule set, thus ending all Junior Derby.

1. Accumulation of 7 majors will trigger ejection from the game, and a strongly worded note to your parents.

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