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Published on October 5th, 2012 | by Hale Yeah


Hale Yeah

Top Ten Reasons Why South Central Playoffs Will be Better than the Presidential Debates

10. When skaters go around and around – they’re actually making points.

9. Totally better boutfits at South Centrals.

8. Refereeing bound to be better than what moderator Jim Lehrer showed us.

7. At South Central: Team Heckle allowed to roam free, at the Presidential Debates: tazed within an inch of their life.

6. Only issue with Big Bird at South Central is if he sitting in front of you.

5. Referees can’t be swayed to give you more than a 2-minute jam, no matter what you say.

4. When Tampa skates in a bout: dozens of blow up flamingos can be seen in the stands. At the debates: not one.

3. The debates have someone named “Mitt Romney.” South Centrals has someone named “Vicious Van GoGo” Nuff said.

2. Debate lasts 90 minutes. Covers war, economics, and the size of government. The South Central after-party will last all night and most will be without much covering.

1. Top three winners at South Central get to go on to World Championships. Top debate winner only gets a shot at winning Nationals.

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