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Published on October 3rd, 2012 | by DerbyLife


I Am A Blocker

I am a blocker.
I am a winner. I am NOT a whiner.
I wear my trucks loose and keep my bearings lubed.
I defend my jammer – she who is my sole point scorer.
Without points we do not win.
Without her blockers, she cannot score,
And so I push and hammer my way through the opposing all you can eat blocker buffet.
Like freshly born colts, they continue to stand back up.
And so I get my fill, gluttonous, bloated by the blockers that offer themselves up for sacrifice.

I am a blocker.
Victory is my goal. I WILL hold back the opposing jammer.
Every second that I hold her is a victory.
Every aggravation that I cause her is a victory.
Every point that I keep is a victory.
These are MY teams points she is taking when she passes, and I won’t have it.
If she is going to get my point, she is going to bruise for it.

I am a blocker.
I will hold my position and fight for my teams victory.
If I fall, I will rise again quickly.
If I obtain a penalty, I will serve my time silently – plotting my next move, visualizing my victory.
When I am released from the box, I will tear onto the track with a vengeance.
I will watch the pack and find the best place to reenter, a place where my vengeance will prove most damaging to the opposition.

I am a blocker.
A soldier in my team’s army.
Posted on the front line – ready to take the heat for my jammer.
One of four on the track: strong, united, and dangerous.
We shall keep our walls strong and our eyes open.
We shall protect our teammates, as we expect them to protect us.
We shall set the pace of the pack, and WILL NOT allow the other team to set the pace.
This is our game, and we will keep the opposing team guessing until it ends.
WE are blockers, and we WILL BE victorious!

By Vicious VaGenda

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