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Published on September 19th, 2012 | by Hale Yeah


Hale Yeah

Top Ten Ways to Spot a Derby Girl Traveling to Western Regionals

10. Her carry-on item is a pair of Antiks.

9. Practices hip-checks walking down the airplane aisle and blames it on turbulence.

8. Asks if the airplane snacks are approved by Derbalife.

7. Spends the flight scribbling out Batman-esque “Oly” puns on a napkin.

6. Before the pilot can finish saying that they’re flying over the Rocky Mountains, she interrupts with “Rocky Rocky Rocky! Fight Fight Fight!”

5. Has spent the entire flight polling everyone’s opinion on Angel City v Wasatch for her Bracket Bonanza.

4. Cries louder than any baby on the flight when she realizes her wifi won’t stream bouts from last week’s Thrill of the Spill.

3. When passenger next to her asks if she’s into the Mile High Club, she spends the rest of the flight extolling the Denver Roller Dolls’ history and accomplishments.

2. Authorities threaten to blow up her bag as the smell has knocked out two of their bomb-sniffing dogs before she explains she hasn’t washed her pads …in a long time.

1. Keeps confusing people by saying she’s looking to go to Atlanta when the ticket in her hand is for San Francisco.

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