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Published on September 7th, 2012 | by Hale Yeah


Hale Yeah

Top Ten Excuses to Tell the Boss Who Catches You Watching North Central Playoffs

10. I’ve decided to take all of next week’s lunch breaks in a row today. …I’m really hungry?

9. Oh, I just have this on in the background to watch between calls. Oh? How did my phone get unplugged?

8. Video? No, this is a computer virus. I’m just waiting for the IT guys to get here. …No, I haven’t called them yet.

7. I was thinking about a more aggressive business methodology based on a colleague’s issuance of “Fuck you, get pas..ahem.. I mean “I dare you to get by me, Other Corporation. . . . yeah.”

6. Tell you what, as soon as the Gotham bout is over, I’ll turn it off. [snicker, snicker, snicker]

5. If I share my popcorn and keep the yelling down, can I still watch?

4. What? This isn’t the office training video on sexual harassment? My goodness I’ve been duped!

3. Honestly boss, if you had just sprung for that bigger monitor for my office, I wouldn’t have even dreamed of watching it in yours.

2. At least it’s not porn?

1. Oh, I’m actually taking half a sick day, but the bandwidth at work is so much better than at home. Want a shot of dimatapp?

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