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Published on July 5th, 2012 | by weapon x


What It Takes To Be A Good Captain: Weapon X and Old Dirty Basher

By: Weapon X, Dallas Derby Devils

This interview is with a teammate of mine, Old Dirty Basher. She is captain of The Suicide Shifters, a home team for the Dallas Derby Devils. She led her team to a win last month!
Please enjoy her insight into taking on the Captain position!

WX: How long have you been playing roller derby?

ODB: This is my 5th season playing derby – all with the Dallas Derby Devils and all as a Suicide Shifter.

WX: How long have you been captain of your team?

ODB: I am a first year captain, but was a co-captain in 2010.

WX: Can you give the story on how you became the captain?

ODB: I knew I wanted to lead the Shifters as far back as my 3rd season. I think the timing was right and my team supported my vision.

WX: What do you think are important attributes to being a good captain?

· Make yourself available.
· Maintain a positive, healthy team.
· Keep vets challenged.
· Encourage and spend time with new players.
· Drink a lot of good beer.

WX: How has being in this leadership role changed your life outside of derby?

ODB: It’s made me appreciate my family – they are my biggest fans and supporters. It makes coming home to them even sweeter.

WX: From writing lineups to ordering uniforms to comforting a panicked skater to contesting a call to a ref, what do you feel is the hardest part? Favorite part?

ODB: The hardest part is making hard decisions. However, my favorite part has been taking a last place team and changing their mentality of “We want to win” to “we WILL win.” It has been nothing short of amazing and I’m very thankful it’s been on my watch.

WX: The captain must set a great example for her team. How do you mentally prepare for this task?

ODB: I’m not one for being a role model. I’m pretty sure I hold the record for most expulsions in league history. However, I now keep a level head. On the bench I defer to Coach Rhino, and consider myself another player.

WX: Describe a typical bout day for you as the leader of your team.

ODB: Sleep in late, lay around half the day, talk mad shit about our opponent, take my typical two hour nap, equipment check, meet my team for lunch, prepare for victory.

WX: Do you have any advice to give skaters thinking about taking on the leadership role for their team?

· Surround yourself with great people. I have incredible support from co-captains – SBJ, Polly Atomic and Princess.
· Don’t be afraid to make the hard decisions. Do what’s best for the team.
· Get a great coach – just not ours.

WX: Do you have any people that have influenced you along the way?

ODB: My GM, June Carter Crash has pulled me off the ledge more than a couple of times. My beautiful derby wife, Anita Riot not only is a great listener, but also gives solid advice. Most of all I am bat-shit crazy about my team – The Suicide Shifters. EAT SHIFTER!

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