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Derby Revolution 2012 Recap!

By: Veronica Fever

Derby Revolution 2012 Recap
June 28th – July 1st, Gent, Belgium

On Sunday night, nearly everyone showed up for the last open scrimmage of the weekend; skaters, referees, coaches, … everyone wanted to claim the track once more.

scrimmage action_0.jpg

The black team, led by coach extraordinaire and mother hen 8-Mean Wheeler, called themselves the Black Mamba’s and, keen to indulge in their impromptu evil personalities, made it their mission to provoke the whites as much as possible before the game had even started. This ended in a mass-mooning spree, leaving the whites baffled and the onlookers delighted (A row of well-shaped derby asses is no pain to the eye!).

scrimmage action 2_0.jpg

Quadzilla, captain of the whites, promptly skated over to the dark side to give them a piece of his own delectable behind.


With the tone set, the game promised to be nothing but a feast to the eager crowd. Spectacle, awesome skating, clever strategies, some showmanship (mostly on account of gentlemen skaters like Mr. Antik and Boy Reckless) and all good fun: that last scrimmage basically summed up the entire four days.

Class Teflon Donna - Gent GO-GO Roller Girls_0.jpg

Hosted by Sucker Punch Skate Shop, Derby Revolution was set up to be a four-day roller derby extravaganza to celebrate an on-going revolution in Europe: the rise of euroderby. Comparisons to another big event were never far away, especially as the first day saw the temperatures soaring to un-Belgian heights, but it would be unfair to stick to comparisons. Kamikaze Kitten described the unique ambiance quite accurately on her blog:

“The atmosphere becomes electric with excitement, heady with sweat, the corridors ring with laughter and exclamations and you can’t help but remember why you love sharing everything that you know to anyone that asks.”

Class Kamikaze Kitten_0.jpg

Add to this the almost religious diligence with which 250 eager skaters and referees took to their classes, filled in their rules tests or debated over weighty issues such as captaining or injured teammates and you know you’re onto something special. The likes of Teflon Donna, Luludemon or living legend Roxy Rockett couldn’t help but be impressed by the athleticism and application of the European derby community.

Class Kamikaze Kitten 2_0.jpg

Class Kamikaze Kitten 3_0.jpg

Officials training_0.jpg

Class Ballistic Whistle_0.jpg

Class Ballistic Whistle 2.jpg

After class was over, however, unpretentious fun was to be had: challenge scrimmages (EagerBeavers vs TrouserSnakes! Co vs Ed!) invariably attracted a crowd for their playful atmosphere, the vendor hall would always be crowded with skaters drooling over metallic-lined riedell boots or derby apparel dripping in witticisms and the lawn surrounding the venue accommodated tired skaters desperate for a nap (or a delicious veggie burger).

Team Coach vs Volunteer Army_0.jpg

The Bloody Oranges - Dutch challenge team_0.jpg

Challenge scrimmage - 8Mean as coach_0.jpg

Vendor Hall_0.jpg

Sold Out!_0.jpg

Coaches Quadzilla Matomic Ballistic Whilstle & Kamikaze Kitten_0.jpg

What’s a derby event without serious damage though? Not worth considering, according to the Revolution’s own Glitter Mafia, who initiated skaters to their debauched ways each night– heavy beer drinking, an unsound affinity to glitter and loud, bawdy behavior are staples to the Mafia’s way of life. Only at their parties could you see Ballistic Whistle sport a glitter shrug – and not much else!

At the end of four tiring yet exhilarating days, everyone concurred: the revolution is not dead yet. To be continued…

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