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Published on November 4th, 2011 | by Asa Spades


Music Was Her First Love

Music was her first love…and most definitely her last..

Of how Jane inspired me to inspire her.

A little over a year ago I had a lucid dream; I owned a pair of quad skates, much like the ones I used to have when I was eleven, and I was awesome on them! I could do tricks, skate as fast as lightning and dance on them! It felt awesome being on those four wheels.

When I woke up, still buzzed from the dream, I rang my mom and bullied her to chip in so I could order some quads. My mother, loving and always supportive of my impulses -she seems to learn nothing from results in the past, which I really deeply love her for- gave in, and in the blink of an eye I had ordered a pair of shiny new, high-booted black quads with hot pink wheels and rainbow laces.

When they finally arrived -I had them conveniently send to my office- I couldn’t wait to try them on! So I laced up behind my desk, got up, put one foot in front of the other and…fell down really hard.
The second try on the sidewalk in front of my house was no better.
So the skates were put back in the box and shoved behind the winter coats.

Time passed, and I couldn’t seem to shake gnawing feeling of guilt. My mom had lovingly invested in these skates, and I wouldn’t even try to wear them! So I started to try and get my friends to come skate with me. But hardly any of them owned skates, nor were they willing to invest so much money in something that had all the potential to be painful and no fun.

And then Jane messaged me. ‘I bought quads!’ I was extatic! I immediately tried to get her to come and take dance classes with me, make her do long exhausting trips on skate, basically make her my physical and moral crutches on wheels.

And then she said the magic words: “I am not really one for dancing, I’d much rather play Roller Derby!”

And here we are; I am proud president of the Rotterdam Death Row Honeys. I have actually learned to skate -though some might beg to differ- and found a passion in Roller Derby I could not have fathomed the day I fell down in my office.

And Jane? After putting this brilliant idea in my head, she decided not to join our league. Because she is a musician and realized she was in danger of injuring herself to the extent that she had to give up her first and biggest love; music. She is however always part of our league, as without her, we wouldn’t exist. And as she still loves us, she has written our league anthem. The choirs are done by players of our home team. How is that for awesome!

Suicidal Taxi Bio:

February 2009. ‘You girls better start a band called Suicidal Taxi’ the legendary Charlie Harper (UK Subs) yelled at two girls during a gig. Jane (former Cuntfidence) immediately felt this ignite the sacred fire of punk so she started a band with her as singer / guitarist and Denise as a bass player.
The band was of course called Suicidal Taxi.

After some time with bloody bass strings and raw vocal cords the ladies started looking for a drummer. Marcel liked the idea of him sharing a taxi with two ladies and decided to join. His experience stems from playing with bands like ‘Defeat Lies Ahead’ and ‘Blonde Hair Soaked Black’. In this formation, they began to write songs punk at breakneck speed. In May 2010, one month before their first performance, Jens (ex-Rawberries) completed the band as lead guitarist. He is not averse to a good dirty punk fest either.

Suicidal Taxi consists of fifty percent estrogen and fifty percent testosterone. This results in fast punk rock with heavy riffs, roaring bass lines topped with tight fills and screaming vocals, but also full of catchy melodies and driving mid-tempo pieces. And the mentality of Suicidal Taxi is still quite Charlie Harpers: Punk as fuck! And they do not stop for no one.

Jane K: Vocals/rhytm Gibson
Denise D: SG bassbabe
Marcel O: Stix and jokes
Jens von D: various crappy lead guitars

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