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Published on November 9th, 2011 | by DerbyLife


Meet Team Scotland: Betty GoGo

Name: BettyGoGo

League Affiliation: Glasgow Roller Girls

Years Skating: It will be 5 years this April.

DL: What was your previous athletic background, if any?

BG: I participated in sports a lot at school; I loved track and field (all of it). I was the 800m and the Cross Country Champion for my year a few years running, I was therefore chosen to run at the county sports in these events. I was also in the school netball team. All of this was a very looong time ago though. Roller derby is this first sport I’ve been involved with seriously since then.

DL: Why did you want to be on Team Scotland?

BG: I see it as the pinnacle of my roller derby career; it’s probably the last and best chance for me to achieve something this great in terms of sport. It’s also a little bit of history in the making and it will be great to be a part of it.

DL: How did you feel when you found out you had made it as one of the final 20?

BG: I was on holiday at the time and got a text from the Coach…..First reaction…I burst out crying…2nd reaction, had a group hug and a dance with my friends.

DL: Which skater inspires you most, and why?

BG: That’s a hard question, there’s so many. Basically all the skaters who helped us out in the very beginning, all the London Roller Girls for a start. Ivanna S Pankin, Trish the Dish and lately Beater & Georgia W.Tush who just came to coach for us. All these women’s love and dedication to the sport is an inspiration.

DL: Do you have any advice for skaters just starting out?

BG: JUST DO IT!…you won’t be disappointed :)

Learn more about Team Scotland on their website, or if you’re feeling charitable, help them get to the 2011 World Cup through their honeyfund!

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