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Published on October 31st, 2011 | by DerbyLife


Meet Team Scotland: Clinically Wasted

Name: Carolyn Mackenzie aka Clinically Wasted

League Affiliation: Granite City Roller Girls, Aberdeen

Years Skating: 2 years.

DL: What was your previous athletic background, if any?

CW: NONE! I’ve always been terrible at sports. I played a bit of field hockey at secondary school but was incredibly lazy as a teen and although I showed potential, I gave it up pretty quick. I did used to play a lot of roller hockey in my youth – again nothing athletic, just an excuse to beat the neighbourhood boys at something 😛

DL: Why did you want to be on Team Scotland?

CW: It really felt like the next step. I needed a challenge and to push myself, so when I heard there was going to be open try-outs I told myself that I would go on the pretence that I would learn new skills and get to play alongside and against the best skaters in the country. Regardless of the outcome I wanted to improve my game and the Team Scotland try-outs were the next natural step. Purely selfish reasons you see!!!

BUT, after the first try-out went OK, I started really wanting to be on the team, so I could skate alongside these skaters more often and show the world that the Scottish Derby Team is competitive and not to be underestimated. I upped my personal training, started working on my endurance and literally went through blood, sweat and tears to get there. And I made it! Now I get to play against the best skaters in the world, and skate alongside some of my heroes.

DL: How did you feel when you found out you had made it as one of the final 20?

CW: I couldn’t believe my luck! I was excited, anxious, happy, nervous – all bottled up in one. All the months of training and going to try-outs paid off, now for more training!

DL: Which skater inspires you most, and why?

CW: I have so many idols in derby for many different reasons. I guess the skater that inspires the most is Suzy Hotrod. Her attitude, determination and commitment to the sport are just incredible!

DL: Do you have any advice for skaters just starting out?

CW: Always work hard at practice and make an effort to help out in committees, watch as much derby as possible, learn the rules and ask questions! Ooooh, and respect your elders!

Learn more about Team Scotland on their website, or if you’re feeling charitable, help them get to the 2011 World Cup through their honeyfund!

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