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Published on October 24th, 2011 | by DerbyLife


Meet Team England: Rogue Runner

Name: Rogue Runner

League Affiliation: Dolly Rockit Rollers

Years Skating: 1 year 4 months

DL: What was your previous athletic background, if any?

RR: Generally played loads of sports. My main sport throughout school and college was gymnastics but then when starting uni I stopped competing and joined my University basket ball, hockey and football teams.

DL: Why did you want to be on Team England?

RR: It was something that I really didn’t expect to happen, when I tried out I had no expectations of making the team. But sport has always been important to me and I have always strived to be at the top of my game, so to have made it onto my national team means a lot to me. To be skating at the first ever roller derby world cup is just totally amazing and I feel completely honered to have been selected.

DL: How did you feel when you found out you had made it as one of the top 20 skaters?

RR: I totally couldn’t believe it, I was so shocked. I kept rereading the message thinking I had read it wrong. My boyfriend was with me at the time and he was like well? and I couldn’t speak to tell him. I eventually managed to splurt out “I did it, I got on!!??”, he was so excited and happy for me, I was still in shock. But later on at the dolly’s training session as my team mate announced it to everyone and I suddenly started to realise and got very excited. I walked around with a smile on my face for the next week, actually I haven’t really stopped grinning since.

DL: Which skater inspires you most, and why?

RR: This is always such a difficult question because so many skaters inspire me for different reasons and I try to watch and learn from as many skaters I can. Lately Stefanie Mainey has been a big inspiration, her ability to be a great all round skater is something that I have been really aspiring to at the moment, but equally Kamikaze Kitten has always been an idol of mine.

DL: Do you have any advice for skaters just starting out?

RR: Watch as much roller derby as you can, this is where you learn how the game works. Push yourself to the max in every session and never think your the best because then you have stopped thinking that there is any room for improvement and there always is. And lastly stop caring about looking like and idiot and falling over because by messing up and falling down we learn how to do things right.

You can follow Team England on Twitter (@TeamEnglandRD), facebook, or visit their website if you’re interested in helping contribute funds to individual skaters or all of Team England to help them get to the 2011 World Cup.

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