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Published on October 31st, 2011 | by DerbyLife


Halloween Costume Open Thread!

Send us your costume pics from this past weekend or today!

First up, Rainbow Fright of Burning River Roller Girls as Link from Legend of Zelda!
Rainbow Fright Burning River as Link.jpg

Next, Cameltron, Head Ref of Orange County Roller Girls as Lego Ref!
Lego Ref Cameltron HR Orange County Rollergirls.jpg

DerbyLife staff writer and Charm City Roller Girls founding skater Frenzy Lohan as Nicki Minaj!
FRenzy Lohan as Nicki Minaj.jpg

Left, a seven-year-old Tallahassee Rollergirls fan dressed as Tallahassee jammer Low Maim, Right, Low Maim:
"Low Maim" with Low Maim

From Gotham Girls Roller Derby’s Championship Halftime Costume Contest: “Suzy Hotrod” vs. Duffgirl, photo compliments of Darren Mayhem:
Photo by Darren Mayhem

And here is Andrematon as a pregnant zombie:
Halloween 2011.jpg

Missy Nigma, Carnage Electra and Amaretto Sourpuss of the Long Island Roller Rebels do Zombie Cat in the Hat:
Halloween Cat in the Hat.jpg

Witness: Cleaverpatra of the Dutchland Rollers as Powdered Toast Man!
cleaver (1).jpg

Left to right, re-enacting Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love video, Gotham’s Steel Magnolia, Puss ‘n Glutes, Haulin’ Cass, Abe Drinkin’, and Ana Bollocks. Amazing photo by Darren Mayhem:

Addicted to Love Darren Mayhem_0.jpg

Far flung costumage from a Halloween derby scrimmage hosted by Rock City Rollers in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The scrimmage included 60 costumed skaters from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany!
Halloween scrimmage eindhoven.jpg

The Killustrator of Burning River Roller Girls surprised her derby wife Mosh Spice, a huge Suzy Hotrod Fan, with a double Suzy HotDog costume – clothed, and ESPN Style!

Evil Rollerskating Rag Doll!
Evil Rollerskating Rag Doll.jpg

Free State Roller Derby’s Black-Eyed Suzies (of Rockville, MD) hosted an in-house costume contest at their Sunday night practice…
Free State Costume Contest @ Practice.jpg

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