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Published on September 25th, 2011 | by Asa Spades


Road trip to Malmö I: New Chicks On The Block

Road trip to Malmö, First stop; Solingen, New Chicks on the Block, First Official Pirate Brides Bout

Though I had known about it for quite some time, the decision to go to Malmö and see the ‘Battle of the Nordic Light’ came relatively late. Triggered by a post on Facebook by Pixie Spankalot, head referee for the Eindhoven RockCity Rollers, in which she asked who was up for an eight hour drive to Sweden. As I am always a sucker for road trips, I immediately jumped the opportunity. And that got the ball rolling.

Not only had ‘Showtime’ kindly linked me to Sweden’s head announcer Handsome Joe Hanson, which resulted in me getting the opportunity to announce five of the six bouts in this tournament, it also got me to agree to NSO for the Wuppertal Pirate Brides first official bout in Solingen, Germany.
The road trip was supposed to start Friday afternoon at three thirty, at the Eindhoven train station, where I would be picked up by Pixie and Bambi, the vice president of my league. We would then drive up to Germany. Pixie would ref, I would NSO and Furrrocious would join us there and then we would drive straight through to Malmö. Yup, straight through the night.

But of course things didn’t go exactly as planned. For some silly reason I had not noticed a platform change in trains, which resulted in me getting on the wrong train and thus making us all late for a good hour or so. But finally we were ready to go, though we first needed to get some gas. And that made for the first interesting picture of this trip.

Asa Malmo 1.jpg

We got to Solingen just in time, some girls were already warming up and the public slowly but surely filled the room.

We made sure we got ready.

Asa Malmo 2.JPG

Asa Malmo 3.JPG

Asa Malmo 4.JPG

It was my very first time as a penalty tracker, and frankly I was super nervous. I read and re-read the instructions, got some consoling words from Furrr who was in charge of the penalty box, took a deep breath and went for it.

Asa Malmo 5.JPG

Asa Malmo 6.JPG

Asa Malmo 7.JPG

It was an awesome experience! It gave me a whole new perspective on the game, and really helped me a lot in understanding more and more of the rules and regulations. My respect for Derby referees has only grown.

The bout, played against the Roller girls of the Apocalypse, was a nice one, no dirty plays that I could see, just two teams really wanting to win. Sadly the hosting party lost the game, but certainly not without a thorough fight! And I must compliment the Pirate Brides on their thorough organization. They’ve done an awesome job (I had never gotten a photo pass before, let alone food, candy, snacks and drinks galore!) and were very hospitable. It really made me want to come back and help them out again soon!

But as soon as the bout was over, Pixie, Bambi, Furrr and me had to get going as we had a long drive before us. So no after party for us. But from what I hear we missed out on a great one! So next time, I sure would like to stay for that!

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