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Published on September 22nd, 2011 | by Lady Quebeaum


Lady Quebeaum’s Chair Breaking Bracket Bonanza!

So, you may have read my fun fact that Easternals broke 23 chairs in the penalty box over the weekend.

While you’re waiting for Westernships to begin, let’s predict how many penalty box chairs will break during the rest of the Big 5 tourneys!

Rules: Whoever gets closest wins. Bonus points if you provide us a pic of the broken chair graveyard after Medals and Trophies at the end of the tourney. Fill out your bracket here.

Prize: This Sunkist soda that’s been sitting on my desk unopened for a month, and also a 2 CD set of Les Miserables (used). Postage paid by me. No substitutions.

Here are my predictions for the remainder of the Big 5:

Westernships: 7

South Centrinals: 52

Nothern Centralships: 3

Intergalactic Championals: 11

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