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Published on September 6th, 2011 | by Asa Spades


European Roller Derby Road Tripping!

Little over a year ago, when I plunged into the world of derby, I had not expected it to be such a warm bath. But as my lucid dream (I dreamt I could skate like a star, without any former experience) was starting to become a very interesting reality (I could not skate to save my life, but I loved every minute of falling, stumbling, getting up and trying again), I found many a helpful hand from all over Europe.

My first ever derby practice was as a guest in Antwerp, Belgium. Less than two months later I was
watching my first tournament in Berlin, Germany. Where I met girls from all over Europe. And from there it just got better and better. I’ve seen leagues start, change, grow, get better, exchange knowledge, help each other out and finally; win on more than one level. It feels like it’s been years, when it only really has been one. And a very turbulent one at that. But I now know that’s derby.

European derby has matured fast. Every weekend some league is scrimmaging or bouting or at least
organizing a bootcamp. And so many people are travelling all over Europe to help out as referees, nso’s, coaches, announcers and volunteers it sometimes makes you wonder if there are people left to actually play.

As I have also joined the army of European derby travellers as an NSO and announcer, I am happy to share with you that next week I will be travelling to Solingen, Germany for ‘New Chicks on the Block’ where I will be penalty tracker. And straight after that I am taking an eight hour drive to Malmö, Sweden for the ‘Battle of the Nordic light’ where I will be announcing three of the six bouts.

This awesome roadtrip I will be taking together with Furrrocious, President of the Amsterdam Derby Dames, Pixie Spankalot, Head Referee of the Rock City Rollers from Eindhoven –it is her Renault Twingo we are driving all the way up there, yes it is thát small, European cars, gotta love them- and Bambi on Ice, my beloved Vice President.

So be on the lookout for a thorough report on some European bouts, festivities and of course derby love!

I will make sure to keep you posted.

Asa Spades, Eurotra(sh)veller and Derby Addict

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