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Published on September 28th, 2011 | by NZBuzz


The 9 Month Injury: Mind Games And Other Blockers – Part One.

Buzzy Bee-arch, Otautahi Rollers

So now that I have stepped completely out of my comfort zone and taken up the challenge of learning to play roller derby, I have discovered that it is a whole lot harder for me than I thought it would be.
I was confident, shall we say, slightly cocky, to begin with. Having done so much roller skating growing up I thought I would take to it pretty quickly but there were a few things I didn’t see coming, a few ‘blockers’ that I will have to get past…

Blocker 1

My core strength, or rather my complete lack of it. After stretching to accommodate 3 babies my abs resemble one of those cheap wine bladders rather than a sexy six pack.

Anne Lamott writes after the birth of her child that when she lay down to sleep her stomach ‘laid down next to her like a puppy.’ I love that description – and it fits me perfectly. This has never bothered me before now – I am actually proud of my post baby body and all that it has achieved in bringing my lovely children into the world. I have never felt driven to whip my body into shape so that I look like a 20-something who hasn’t had children. After all, there are times that a soft squishy tummy comes in helpful…..

Buzz 9 Month Baby.jpg

Suddenly though I care about how my abs work. By the end of training my lower back feels like it is on fire because my core is so weak, I can’t even manage to do a proper crunchy and my attempts at ‘whipping’ are more like some kind of awkward high-five.

So it’s baby steps for me, or shall we call them ‘post-babies’ steps? Luckily one of the other freshmeat is a personal trainer and she showed me some easy starting exercises (did I mention that the other women who do derby are Awesome?)

Rock hard abs are only a few million crunchys away…

Buzzy Bee-arch is a freshmeat skater with Otautahi Rollers in Christchurch, New Zealand. After growing up an 80s child on rollerskates she decided to give Derby a go but found it more of a challenge than she expected. She works as a fulltime mum looking after her 3 lovely children (Zoe -6 years, Hamish -4 years, Erin -18 months) and supporting her husband running his own business. It’s been a tough year with two devastating earthquakes in her city (not to mention thousands of aftershocks) but it’s also the year she discovered Derby. She looks forward to the escape that Derby provides – some me-time and stress relief as she pushes her way towards passing her minimum skills test.

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