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Published on August 7th, 2011 | by DerbyLife


Out, Gay Republican Runs For US President

Fred Karger has decided to throw in with the many Republicans seeking nomination from the RNC in the 2012 US Presidential race.

“I think the Republican party is so out of touch with the public,” Karger said. “The party has moved so far right and I think a lot of people feel, as I do, that the party has let them down. What I’m trying to do is change things and shake things up.”

As the first openly gay candidate to run for president, Karger is hoping to create conversations about gay rights and make it easier for young gay Americans to run for office.

“Somebody has to be the first, so why not me,” Karger said. “I tested the waters at a few colleges in New Hampshire and Iowa, and the responses I got from young people were so moving to me that I knew I needed to do this.”

As Karger stood in Central Square speaking with residents, a group of teenagers showed enthusiasm when they learned of Karger’s stance on marijuana — that it should be legalized — as well as on gay rights, reproductive rights and lowering the voting age.

“This is pretty typical,” Matt Hammond, 23, an intern on Karger’s campaign, said. “A lot of the social issues interest the younger voters. And, I mean, how many people really get to meet a presidential candidate.”

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