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Published on August 24th, 2011 | by DerbyLife


DNN’s Sponsors Lead Team Argentina Benefit

In the run-up to roller derby’s first World Cup competition, we’ve had the chance to get to know many of the participating teams: their strengths, their shortcomings, and the challenges they’re working to overcome before competition begins December 1 in Toronto.

Derby skaters outside North America have all shared a common struggle — absent a local tradition of roller skating, venues are hard to come by, and gear even more so. Just to get on wheels in the past few years, most of the World Cup’s participants have navigated challenges of availability, sizing, shipping costs, and in the most difficult cases, significant import tariffs and duties.

In particular, we’ve been struck by the difficulties (and in converse, the determination) of Team Argentina. Against the challenge of zero locally available gear, far and away the highest import costs of any participating team, and substantially more limited financial resources, these skaters have dug in, and they’re determined to get to Toronto and do their very best, this very year.

This, despite the fact that none have toe stops, few have any protective equipment, and some have skates with fixed trucks (wrap your head around that for a minute). Almost every team member is wearing skates that are one or more sizes too big or small. These skates are so inadequate that they’re actually wrecking skaters’ feet… in no exaggeration, they’re bleeding to play this sport. We were moved to help, and our 2011 Key Sponsors didn’t have to think twice when we asked them to help.

In the next few weeks, with our sponsors’ help and yours, we aim to send a big fat pile of decent gear to Team Argentina, so they can make the most of their World Cup experience. Atom Wheels has agreed to contribute wheels and bearings; GRNMNSTR is also kicking in wheels, bearings, and toe stops; and Fast Girl Skates will use all those components to outfit all the donated skates we can collect.

This is where you come in.

The Less-Reynolds household leads the charges with four pairs of entry- to mid-grade skates (representing our surrender to the reality that we’re really done with skating and have totally moved on to support roles). In this audience, we’re confident that many of you have similar skates sitting around that you’re not using, haven’t used lately, and won’t likely use in the future — maybe you’ve upgraded recently, maybe you got a pair of skates that weren’t quite the right size, or you didn’t care for the fit. If you haven’t unloaded them, now’s your opportunity to contribute them to a higher purpose. Protective equipment is also very much needed.

Team Argentina is taking foot measurements right now to determine their precise needs. We’ll know shortly just what they need, and we’ll follow this article with a specific call for sizes. Please, if you’re as dedicated to the global growth of derby as we are, and you have a spare pair of skates taking up space, check out their size and stay tuned for our next update, forthcoming shortly.

We thank you, derby thanks you, and most of all, Team Argentina thanks you!

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