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Published on August 3rd, 2011 | by DerbyLife


Coach Panda’s “Oh Sh!t Kit”

This kit is an essential item to have at any roller derby team’s bench (flat or banked track). After coaching 50+ bouts, I have experienced so many “oh sh!t” moments that it’s not even funny. I have seen EVERYTHING break on skates, skaters getting sick (ie. 15 foot stream of barf), and so many random unthinkable situations.

Below is a list of all the items that I have in my kit. I have used EVERY SINGLE ITEM in this kit before (of course I replaced the used mouth guard with a new one). Do your team a huge favor and make one of these kits!

Note: every single category of item is kept in their own separate zip lock bag. Having an organized kit is important, don’t just throw everything in there. You don’t want to be struggling to find an item when disaster strikes!

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Top Shelf (most used items)

Alan wrench multi sizes
Classic skate tool
Medical tape
Large Sharpie
Red Cross sports first aid booklet
Mini WFTDA rule set booklet
Post It Notes
Various nuts, bolts, bushings, bearings, toe stop hardware (in plastic organizer)
Mini first aid kit
Extra hanger
(not pictured) Tums


Various skate tools
Bottle opener

Small First Aid Section

Ziplock bags (for ice, bloody items, or barf bag)
Antibacterial wipes
Latex gloves
Hand sanitizer
Medical tape


Extra laces
Extra WFTDA patch
Extra mouthguard
Hair ties
Mini sewing kit
Extra socks
Various Skate Items
Extra wheels (already loaded with bearings)
Extra toe stops
Extra bearings
Painters tape
Duct tape
Fruit leather
Unsalted nuts

Extra Jerseys

Editor’s Note: Reprinted from, where she shares more of her wisdom regularly!

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