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Published on August 7th, 2011 | by DerbyLife


On the 20th Anniversary of ‘Thelma And Louise,” we give you a new girl road trip that explores modern feminism

Girldrive trailer! from Girldrive on Vimeo.

Girldrive is a book, a blog, some videos, and a cross- country adventure taken by two friends bent on discovering a definition of modern feminism.

“Girldrive tracks a conversation between the next generation. It allows gutsy young women across the American cityscape to be seen and heard. It evaluates, through an intergenerational conversation, the current state of feminism and its many definitions. It’s about the past and the present, and it glimmers on the future. It’s about the promise of the open road. It’s about how young women grapple with the concepts of freedom, equality, joy, ambition, sex, and love—whether they call it “feminism” or not.

Girldrive is bigger than just our road trip. It has inspired feminist road trips in the South and the UK. It’s been covered by newspapers, blogs, and TV and radio stations across the country, as well as in places around the world like Italy, Belgium, France and Canada. It’s a universal story personifying a universal message: young women are determined to change their world–and have our voices heard in the process.”

Much like the organic genesis of modern derby from a small project into a huge global movement, Girldrive has evolved from a small book project into a huge support and dialogue network between women around the globe. I see us reflected quite a bit in this – do you?

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