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Published on July 18th, 2011 | by DerbyLife


SkateSafe At RollerCon 2011

The following is information from the SkateSafe2011 website – please go check it out before you head to Las Vegas for RollerCon this year!

“SGI and RollerCon have come together to organize SkateSafe 2011 – an intervention designed to ensure that RollerCon attendees have a great – and safe – time; boozing, sexin’ and enjoying off-track time. The SkateSafe team of volunteers and superheroes will be out in force during RollerCon. We will be everywhere: passing out condoms, literature, incentives and information.

Why SkateSafe? Did you know there were 3 reported assaults on skaters in Las Vegas during last year’s RollerCon? Enough said. Let’s take care of each other on and off the track.

Can I help? Absolutely! You can start by considering safe ways to party, like The Buddy System. Las Vegas is full of predators that look for tourists to exploit; financially, physically, and otherwise. And it’s easy to think you’re safe in a hotel full of skaters. But what if they don’t actually know you, or they’re drunk, too? Make sure you don’t leave anyone alone. Travel in packs! It’s a lot harder for evildoers to do evil to you and your friends when you’re together.

Then What? Stop by the SkateSafe 2011 booth in the Registration Area at RollerCon. We’ll have lots of information about how to keep each other and ourselves safe and aware. We’ll be giving away condoms and SafeKits with lube, Emergen-C and other party gear, plus local resources, cool shit from our sponsors, and a lot more.

Want to get more involved? Get in touch and help us spread the word! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.”

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