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Published on July 28th, 2011 | by Rebel Rockit


Evolution of Black and Blue

Rebel Rock-it

My first year at Rollercon 2007, I could barely skate and was very new to the sport. I was also unknown in the roller derby community but my outfits would soon change that.


Who knew that my high school prom dress would one day come together with roller derby in a moment of glory. It was as if, when I made this dress many years ago, I had had my first Black and Blue Ball in mind. The dress was a perfect blend of black silk top and royal and electric blue reversible bottom, stuffed with crinoline. How hideously amazing this combo was. And what a great way to introduce myself to Rollercon.


Year two, 2008, I gave life to an electric blue spandexcreation. It was a perfect blend of bathing suit and figure skating. Although there was no pool at that year’s Black and Blue Ball, it did not matter to me. The sparkly spandex one piece met my requirements for an outfit.


Rollercon 2009, my third year, I knew I had to do one better than the year before, and I believe I did. What says Rollercon like a one-piece tube top see-thru cat suit? This outfit was truly remarkable, made from the finest light mesh baby blue polyester with seafoam green sequins; she is a thing of beauty.
Perfectly fitted from the top of the tube to the bottom of the bells, it leaves very little to the imagination. This year, the Black and Blue Ball was on the same night as the Vagine Regime’s –Pants Off Dance Off, so naturally my outfit needed to be transformed quickly. The main advantage of a tube top cat suit: one zipper and pants are off, ready for a night of VR adventures.


Last year I knew I needed to outdo all of my previous outfits. How could this be possible? I desired something that was one piece and fabulous. I also thought it was time to step up into something a bit more classy. Welcome to the Ritz, a custom silk-screened tuxedo t-shirt with a league logo for a boutonnière, hand-sewn into a halter top.


What could I wear with this? I sewed spandex high-waisted shorts with matching cummerbund. Now you would imagine all these pieces would be too difficult for me to wear (and if you know me, you know that’s true). My solution? I sewed all the pieces together to make the greatest outfit ever. A one-piece work of art. Oh and it was totally ready for the pool.


Can I outdo myself once again? You’ll have to wait. See you poolside at RC11.

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