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Published on July 22nd, 2011 | by DerbyLife


Did Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s Classism Shape Your View Of Feminism?

NPR interviews Professor Lori Ginzberg about her new book on Stanton, and her analysis of her impact on modern feminism.

“She certainly claimed that she fought for the rights of all women. She fought to end the barriers that denied America citizens their rights purely on the basis of sex, and she demanded rights that not one of us would be willing to give up. I mean, she demanded — in the true liberal tradition — access to the mainstream of American society in terms of professions, education, law, politics, property and so on. But when she said ‘women,’ I think … that she primarily had in mind women much like herself: white, middle-class, culturally if not religiously protestant, propertied, well-educated. And my disagreement with Stanton is that she … came to see women like herself as more deserving of rights than other people.”

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