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Published on July 18th, 2011 | by Mercy Less


Derby Art: Paste Up Edition

If you’ve met Duke City Derby skater Carson B. Demented, you already know she’s very pretty, super good at roller derby, and hilarious. What you may not know is what a fantastic and clever artist she is – but you might have guessed that from her impeccable sense of style. Get ready to deepen your derby crush on this talented skater who breaks up the sausage party that is street art, while brightening up the drab streets of the Southwest! You’re welcome!

Carson 1.jpg

Carson 2.jpg

Carson 3.jpg

Carson 4.jpg

Carson 5.jpg

Carson 6.jpg

Carson 7.jpg

Carson 8.jpg

Carson 9.jpg

Carson 10.jpg

Carson 11.jpg

Carson 12.jpg

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